Reduce Distractions and Increase Task Focus
February 28 2021 0 Comment

With constant notifications and emails, distractions at the workplace have increased. The interruptions divert your concentration from important assignments, reduce work efficiency and contribute to stress.

It is essential to have a planned schedule to ward off distractions and increase productivity. History has shown that productive people use task planners and to-do-lists to schedule tasks for the day and rigorously follow it. Planning tools help align time on important tasks and deadlines. (Read more on the 1-3-5 Task Planner)

I pen down the common distractions in the workplace and ways to minimize them.

Diversion by parallel tasks

With simultaneous requests for ad-hoc jobs, one may lose sight of the main task at hand. Multiple tasks pull your attention in several directions, with no justice done to any of your tasks.

  • Train your brain to not pay heed other than the current task. Note the other tasks on a list to refer later.
  • Block time zones for a particular task. Schedule intermittent breaks and move on to the next chunk of focused work.

Routine tasks, no outcome

At times, we may get bored performing monotonous tasks. You need to enlarge your perspective and visualize the bigger picture, connecting the dots of each trivial task towards the larger outcome.

  • Utilize the first half of the day to complete high priority tasks, when energy levels are at a peak.
  • Switch to the repetitive and routine tasks at hand post lunch.

Physical distractions

Refuse to allow events (chit-chats, messages, pop-up ads, news feeds, ringtones) to rob you of your focus by not reacting.

  • Push away your phone in the drawer. Revert to missed calls, WhatsApp messages and engage in informal conversations with your team during break time.
  • Close your office door or use a signaling mechanism (a headphone) to let your team know that you’re in the DND (Do-not-Disturb) mode. They shouldn’t disturb you unless it’s legitimately urgent.

Personal problems

As humans we may be bogged down by fatigue, illness and worries. It’s best we manage them to regain work focus.

  • Consider taking a sick leave when you’re not feeling well or to resolve your personal problems.
  • When you join back, be fully present in your current task (Practice mindfulness).

I hope you have found these tips useful to avoid workplace distractions. You can better focus and fulfill your professional commitments when distractions are minimal.

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