Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

Online shopping portals on open-source platforms by Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, complemented with our consulting services for sustainable success across B2C and B2B solutions.

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  • opencart
  • Magento

Developing an online shop application is more than creating an ecommerce application on popular open source platform like Magento, wooCommerce or Opencart. A successful eCommerce business requires attention to multiple aspects beyond the technology and emQube expertise in this domain makes us a preferred partner.

ECommerce applications require carefully understanding not just of the external factors relating to the market size, customer segments, and competition but also to internal resources for content creation, order management, inventory planning, pricing and promotions.

Digital marketing plays a very vital role as putting up an online shop is far easier than driving traffic that meets conversion goals. It requires capital for search engine optimization, digital advertising, Google Adwords campaigns, analytics and social media management.

EmQube eCommerce expertise encompasses the complete set of services required to make any eCommerce project a lasting success.

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