Sales Force Performance

Sales Pro from emQube is a sales automation software that increases sales performance and helps Sales managers to manage teams better. Sales Pro expects minimum input in a day to give you complete visibility of your opportunity pipeline and sales person’s activity. Using specific KPIs Sales Pro helps sales organizations with small or large teams to surpass sales targets.

Sales Pro is simple and fast and works on past trends to project future sales. It gives you a 360 view of customers, activity and opportunities. It is a tool with a single-minded focus: Increase Sales.

Sales Pro consolidates into a single central database the complete customer and contacts history. The company retains all information that is usually carried away in the heads or note-book of exiting employees. New executives can quickly come onboard and start being productive immediately.

Sales Pro is easy to use and expects just a few minutes of daily input to provide a host of metrics and reports. Team managers can remotely monitor sales activity and provide reliable forecast to senior management.

Sales Pro is developed by emQube and you can be assured of continuous support and assistance. In use for over 5 years now, this software truly helps you to get started on the road to effective Sales Management.

If you have been using Excel sheets for managing your sales leads and activity or have experimented with other tools such as, Goldmine, and a plethora of online tools that have met with little results, it’s time to call us now for a Free Demo