Chatbots Development Services

Emqube can help you automate customer interaction on your website and social media channels by developing NLP powered Chatbots tailored to your specific requirement. We develop text as well as audio chatbots that can, answer common customer queries, promote specific products, provide instant quotes, conduct surveys and collect customer data.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are intelligent computer programs powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process user queries and reply with the most matching answers from a formatted content or structured database. Chatbots are also known as Bots, Talkbots and Chatterbots.

Customer queries are parsed using NLP technology to identify ‘intents’ that are then matched with an extensive database of ‘responses’ fine-tuned with ‘context’ analysis. Machine learning is used to build intent-response relationships on the fly to answer new queries.

Chatbots are gaining popularity as they get deployed for different business objectives. Customer Support, Shopping Assistance, Travel Planning, Appointment Booking and Quotations.

What can Chatbots do for your business?

Content Delivery

Businesses which have an online presence have troves of information available on their portals. It is very hard for customers to navigate this ocean of content to find the information they need. Chatbots can help customers find relevant data in an interactive mode by identifying customer intent and context. Frequently Asked Questions can be automated to fetch data from the website content.

Customer Service Enquiries

Your customers don’t have to be very specific with their queries when they are communicating with the ChatBots as the bots are wired to understand natural language and not just commands. An interactive bot can facilitate customer service enquiries relating to product availability, order tracking or status update. It can further utilize the collected data for analytics.

Surveys and Polls

ChatBots can be designed for specific purposes. We can design intelligent ChatBots that can conduct polls and use a hierarchy model to do deep diving. Based on customer answers the bot can ask additional questions or provide information relevant to the customer. Highly interactive ChatBots can be deployed on chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger to start a conversation with your customers and carry out surveys and polls without the need for the customers to download a new app.

Shopping Assistant

Your business can stay ahead of the curve by deploying a ChatBot to upsell or cross-sell to customers to increase the order value. ChatBots can gain an understanding of the products that the customer has shown interest in and can also provide product information to help customers make right choices. Furthermore, it can suggest other products that are closely related to the chosen product or suggest products that are frequently brought together and increase your order value.

Why Chatbots are gaining popularity with businesses?

Answering Customer Queries

Queries of customers quite often are the same. Your customers want to know things like where you are located, your operational hours, business/return policies etc. Utilizing your human staff to do the same things over and over again is a waste of time, effort and resources. We can help you develop ChatBots to act as gatekeepers to answer routine queries and identify potential customers to be handled by human agents.

Helping customers find you, your products or your services:

Customers often have difficulty in choosing the right product to fit their requirements Often, when a customer is going to buy a product, they would like to clarify a few doubts before they open their purse strings. You can deploy ChatBots to answer a substantial chunk of those questions and help calm their nerves while they make the purchase.

Handling more clients

Deploying custom-developed ChatBots for your business empowers you to handle multiple customers at the same time and overcome the limitations of live agents who can, unfortunately, only cater to a handful customers via web chats. This allows you to grow your business without increasing your human resources.

Engaging your new gen customers

Customers prefer an interactive experience that is quick and easy as compared to traditional and slow Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) or waiting in phone queues for human agents. Younger people are accustomed to self-service and prefer automated assistance. Chatbots provide customers a quick and convenient customer interaction service on multiple channels such as Website, Skype, and Facebook.

Where can you use chatbots

ChatBots channels are on the rise and beside your corporate website you can now deploy them across your external social media channel or your internal corporate collaboration platform.


You can embed a chatbot on your website to welcome customers and assist them to gather information or conduct transactions. Traditionally these tasks were handled by human sales reps and more often than not, they spend a majority of their time answering repetitive queries. ChatBots help you reduce these tedious and free up time for the sales reps to focus on tasks critical to your bottom line. They now have more time to answer complex product queries and close the deal.

ChatBots can also be used for ecommerce and integrated with payment modules to facilitate credit card transactions.


An increasing number of companies are introducing their own ChatBot on the Facebook Messenger platform. This enables the companies to interact with their consumers in a social setting and deliver information to them in an interactive and interesting manner. emQube can integrate a ChatBot on your company Facebook page to delivery customer support, answer queries and provide quotations.


Skype is the preferred communication platform for businesses worldwide and makes an ideal platform to provide automated interactive service. Microsoft was quick to recognize the potential of ChatBots for business and has unveiled the Microsoft Bot Framework that enables businesses to reap the benefit of ChatBots. An interactive chatbot can conduct skype conversations with prospective customers or provide customer care services. Emqube can help you develop your Skype bot.

How to build a ChatBot?

We can help build your first ChatBot. emQube’s team of experienced and qualified developers assisted with content developers can help you build a variety of ChatBots across different channels.

Contact us to explore this further.