Windows Application Development

The Windows Mobile OS is a late starter but probably may catch up with Microsoft going gung-ho with the acquisition of Nokia. Windows also had some false starts and half-baked OS for the mobile devices but this is changing fast.

Windows is the most popular platform and Windows developers form the large contingent of programmers in the world. Windows App work only with devices that support Windows and presently on Microsoft Lumia is supported but there may soon be other mobile OEMs such as Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo who may release devices supporting Windows Mobile OS. Like Google, Windows may also benefit from its popular apps like Bing (Search), Outlook (Mail), MS Office.

Windows app can be developed with the Visual Studio and with C# scripting which is the de-facto standard for most web applications built on ASP.Net.

emQube has a big team of Windows developers and we are skilled to develop Windows App, which besides running on mobile devices may also run on desktops and as browser extensions.