iPhone Application Development

We develop native apps on the iOS platform. The Apple platform is the most versatile and robust environment for building mobile apps.  These apps work on all Apple devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod and now the iWatch.
iOS apps are developed in Apple’s proprietary Xcode integrated development environment (IDE)  and built using Objective C. They tightly integrate with the Apple hardware and provide a very smooth and exhilarating user experience. Apps can take full advantage of hardware features such as the dual-core processor, accelerated graphics, and wireless antennas.

Apple smart phones constitute as the largest single smartphone device and with regular update of iOS and devices, the company continues to stay the darling of the users.
Developing your app for Apple devices is essential if you wish to establish yourself as a market leader.
emQube develops iOS apps suitable for the full range of Apple devices.

Popular iOS Apps: