Making Minds Meet


Distance Learning Provider (DLP) is a California based company providing a host of communication and collaboration services to the US pharmaceutical industry.

The company has a unique ‘Expert on Demand’ program that brings together health professionals with thought leaders of the medical fraternity to share health and medicine related opinions. The program is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that wish to promote their brand through this service.

The company desired to automate the process of scheduling appointments between the health professionals and the thought leaders with the help of a web-based application.


The medical representative requests an appointment between the health professional and the thought leader using the online application. DLP facilitates the matching of request with the schedules of the thought leaders.

Representatives and thought leaders receive confirmation when the appointment is successfully scheduled. Schedule modification and cancellation are handled through a tight workflow keeping all parties informed of the changes. DLP monitors the conference call to determine the time of attendance, and the presence of both parties.

After the call DLP updates the call status on the system and creates a report for billing the client on successful calls.

Key Features


The application was built on Microsoft .NET 4.5 on MVC 4.0 architecture with the SQL 2008R2 database. Interactive elements were built using AngularJS.


DLP has reduce the errors associated with the manual system and now manages a higher number of calls with the same administrative staff. It has also been able to provide various reports to the client including faster and accurate claims for the calls completed.

emQube currently supports and maintains the application which is now in its third version and online for 6 years.