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Ecommerce is not just about technology.

Going online is not just about signing up with an online platform or building your e-commerce website. There is a lot more to do. Like preparing your catalogue, planning your inventory, integrating with logistics, payment gateways, digital promotion. Hiring a web developer to make an e-commerce site is just one part that make a successful e-commerce venture. You need an e-commerce enabler like emQube to put it all together.

A successful e-commerce project starts with a long-term business vision, adequate investment, appropriate technology, robust processes and above all a commitment to make it happen.

Trust emQube to handhold you all the way from concept to success. As a business technology company since 2003, we know what it takes, and have all skills and resources in-house to guide and assist you in creating your B2B and B2C online portal. We could be the ecommerce development company you seek.

Why Now

The CoVid19 crisis has impressed upon traditional businesses the need to have an additional channel for sale. And while retail will continue, it is estimated that more than 60% of retail shops will have an additional sales channel with an online shop. It is also expected that B2B online transactions will also increase, with businesses taking many customer facing services online.

E-commerce volumes are rising dramatically, and it is projected to grow at the rate of by 23% in 3 years.

It is the time to prepare for the future and lessen the impact of a similar crisis. People have also realized that it is safe and easy to shop online and the fall out of the current situation is that more and more people will prefer to order online then visit physically.

Why Ecommerce Website

Many businesses have not fully comprehended the benefits of an ecommerce solution, and if you are still deciding whether to build ecommerce store or not, here are five reasons to consider.

  • Stay Open 24×7

    Your retail shop or business works at fixed hours during the day, but an ecommerce app stays on round the clock. There are no off-hours or holidays and you continue to transact continuously. The future may have restrictions on the number of working hours and social distancing may not go away completely. In such a situation your ecommerce website will continue to keep the cashbox ringing.

  • Reach more customers

    The ecommerce solution reduces the physical restrictions of a brick-mortar shop or business office. It is not just the customers in your area, city or country, but anyone in your targeted market can do business with you. Your reach is unlimited and only restricted by your targeting.

  • Offer a larger range

    Unlike a retail shop where everything for sale has to be displayed, an online product catalogue can allow you to exhibit a larger range. You can even partner with other ecommerce stores to display their inventory and route orders through your ecommerce solution to their system. This helps sell more.

  • Reduce your costs

    Online helps you sell more as you can offer lower prices on account of lower cost of operations and large volume. It is true that e-commerce has other associated costs but the overall operations can run at a lower cost as compared to a physical store. You may continue to sell in retail, but the additional volume from ecommerce website may even help you offer lower prices even to your shop customers.

  • Automated Flow

    An e-commerce system helps to streamline your business and enforces a process. Right from the time a customer orders, pays for it, a logistic partner delivers, and system invoices, the whole flow is automated. The cost is down, and it also reduces any middleman commissions.

  • E-Commerce Development Company

    Emqube can be your Ecommerce solution development partner bringing together our business skills, technology edge and consistent service. Our expertise is in both, B2B Ecommerce soluions development and B2C Ecommerce solutions development.

We can be your E-Commerce development company, all the way!

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