WordPress Website Development – Mastering the Free Software

WordPress is now very popular and powerful website development software that makes web design and development easy, especially for small and medium business websites. Once considered just a blogging platform, WordPress

has grown as a full-fledged website platform that now supports a range of different websites including

large socialization and ecommerce websites.

There are many things that make WordPress a very good choice for website development.

  1. It is free and is improving considerably with each updates.
  2. There is a range of themes and add-ons available or you can also easily develop your own theme.
  3. It follows latest coding and web development guidelines and is perfectly scalable.
  4. It is created on the most powerful coding language available for websites – PHP and is often powered by MySQL hosted on Apache servers. This so far the best combination available.

WordPress website development is a process that requires proper attention and great skill. As the theme is the backbone of the website, good themes reduce server load, increases browsing speed and generate better visitor responses. The use of gadgets and add-ons should also be optimized to create a good browsing experience.

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