The Secret to a good SEO ranking

SEO is a really useful tool if you are looking to get the attention of your key demographic. What usually happens is, people start off with SEO and find that their rankings improve considerably. The obvious next step is the testing of the SEO tool to see what modifications may improve or lower a company’s ranking.

The danger is in tweaking your settings, which results in a loss of ranking. More often than not, the initial ranking is never recovered. Tweaking in this sense would be taken to mean, changing the title tag, changing the internal link structure, changing navigation and sidebar sections etc.

From Google’s perspective it shows that the structure of the website is constantly changing. It’s tough to understand what a website with a constantly changing structure is about. Moreover, it is a clear indication that the webmaster has been manipulating the search rankings.

It good to constantly publish new content on your website. However, when Google picks up on frequent changes in the site’s structure, it flags down the site. It would seem that there is a preference for websites that tend to maintain the same structure over time.

It’s highly recommended that webmasters

do not makre structural changes to the site unless absolutely necessary. As for title tags, do a key word search and pick your

tags carefully. But once you have them, stick with it no matter what!

The signs of a stable website are all you need to gain some trust with Google and in turn to improve your ranking in the long term.