The Mobile Playbook – by Google

The Mobile Playbook very aptly sub-titled is the ‘Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile,’ and is in keeping with Google’s campaign to push businesses to embrace mobile advertising.

The Playbook is a compilation of best methods and benefits of mobile advertising amid case studies and graphics, which add a little something. The advice presented is not particularly revolutionary but is a handy reference guide for Google’s top tips to leverage mobile advertising.

What drew my attention the most, besides the advise itself, was the advocacy of mobile websites. In fact the playbook itself is on a mobile website.

The main ideas it conveys are as follows:

  • Build a mobile website. Once you have a mobile website, check the stats and optimize based on customer usage.
  • Run rich media HTML5 ads to extend your branding message to reach the mobile audience.
  • Separate mobile-specific search campaigns from desktop search campaigns so you can test, measure and develop messaging specific for mobile.

It is best viewed in a landscape mode, perhaps specifically designed for use on tablets. In additions, it’s available in a smart-phone optimized version as well as a downloadable PDF for reading offline.