The celebration of monarchy in the modern day

With the advent of the Queen’s anniversary of 60 years on the throne upon us I took a look back at the years of ruling of the Royal family.

Queen Elizabeth, an embodiment of monarchy in modern day

The reign of monarchy still prevails in several cultures. With the influence of the media, democracy has growingly

become the ideal government policy. And despite the demand on “fair” and “non-elitist” political structures and representatives, we still look to the royal families with a sense of admiration and awe. Be it the royal family of Britain, UAE or even Geneva, there is something about the presence of a King or Queen that evokes that sense of reverence within us.

The royal family of Britain is a testament to that. Through the years, they have managed to keep the monarchy system going and with great success. Despite all the countries that have moved away from it over the years, the royal family of Britain continues to be one of the most successful and popular monarchies today.

The royal family is nothing short of being the most regal celebrities. They feature as icons for their nation. Right from the crowing of Queen Elizabeth in the first televised

coronation ceremony, the popularity of Lady Diana and most recently the grand wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the royal family have always been at the very centre of the spotlight and have willingly bore the cross of living a public life responsibly. Here’s a nice run-through of the highlights over the last 60 years of the Queen’s rule:

Maybe it’s the fairytales we grow up reading. Maybe it’s the air of authority they carry. And perhaps they deserve it for boldly leading the country the way they do.