Steve Jobs – Tujhe Salaam

Steve Job passes awayWe knew it was coming, but it came too soon.  Very few people can earn the title of ‘World Changer’  and Steve Jobs has earned this quite deservedly. At the young age of 56, he lost the battle to cancer and the world lost one of its most prolific inventor.

I cannot say that the world will never be the same again after him, but Steve Jobs definitely invented things that ensured that the World Will Never Be The Same Again.

Steve touched the lives of not just geeks like us, but also the ordinary person who was afraid of technology. He gave people the thrill of using technology through his simplistic design and intuitive interface.  His life was a shining example of a person dedicated to making technology elegant and stylish while changing the way we live and work.

Each time I see an iPhone in the hands of someone, my heart will murmur, Steve Jobs, tujhe salaam.

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