Social Media Marketing – Trends Expected in 2014

The increased influence of social websites on personal life has tempted businesses to enhance their social media marketing budget and to improve their social presence. This in turn has resulted in many innovative social marketing campaigns and created

some high-quality social marketing strategies. In this post, we examine some of these latest social media marketing trends.

  • More Activity: Businesses are now concentrating almost 90% of their social marketing efforts on top 4 social sites like Facebook,

    Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Businesses marketing B2B are also concentrating on LinkedIn and local businesses are utilizing local directories and shopping sites. The marketing activities on these sites are expected to increase; especially updates and sharing activities.

  • More use of Videos, Games and Applications: Visitors, friends and followers need to be both entertained and informed. So strategies that help both will be exploited most in coming months.
  • Better integration: Gone are

    the days when different company employees manage company profiles on different sites. Today, specialized social media marketing professionals manage the whole campaign. This offer good integration of campaigns, also offer good opportunities for step-by-step marketing, story building and sharing.

  • Smartphone and Handheld Device supports: Wide adoption of smartphones, and a range of web and mobile applications has made social marketing professionals to optimize their campaigns to a range of different devices.
  • Performance Analysis Tools: Unlike the past, now a range of analysis tools available to measure the social media presence and conversions. This allows businesses to spend money cost-effectively.

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