SEO Services in Dubai – The Expectations and Realities

The Search Engine Optimization or SEO industry is now more than a decade old. The strategies have significantly changed over the past and many strategies worked perfectly in the

past have now become ‘spam’ and ‘punishable’. Widely followed strategies like comments with links, large-scale directly submissions, bulk link exchange, keyword stuffing in text content, keyword rich alt tags, etc have became unpopular and black-hat practices. Good and interesting content with beautiful color schemes, social presence, quality web references have became highly productive strategies.

In line with the global SEO services, the SEO companies in Dubai too have changed to adjust with this global trend. But even now, there are many small firms and professionals who widely practice the old bulk link-building and keyword stuffing strategies; which can result in imminent search engine penalties. All other leading white-hat SEO companies now follow a well maintained SEO plan of search engine and social website marketing strategy which includes the following campaigns.

  1. High quality, easy-to-understand and entertaining website content.
  2. Interesting and trust-worthy web design, high quality page coding and very good CSS use.
  3. Keeping the site clean without broken links, duplicate contents and spam links.
  4. Very sound social marketing services that include leading social websites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter and also include social bookmarking, video marketing, picture marketing, article marketing etc.
  5. Good local and geography marketing to market the site to targeted audience.
  6. Online website reputation management and reference building.

Dubai now offers high quality SEO services for not only UAE and middle-east countries but also for companies across Europe and USA. Highly reputed companies like have managed to maintain a high-quality and ROI oriented SEO services at affordable rates.