Latest Web Designing Trends 2013

Innovation and change are two basic needs for keeping up reputation on internet. Website design and coding strategies should change with time. Now there are a lot of trend changes happening in the web design industry. Here are some most noticeable ones.

  • Support for all devices to access internet. These devices include PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, notebooks, etc.
  • Bold and artistic color schemes are developed to add uniqueness to the website. Now contrasting color combinations are used and the website is often divided to a handful

    of boxes of different dimensions.

  • Clear and simple color icons or boxes are being used to replace buttons and gradients.
  • Full page image backgrounds are now widely used especially for websites that needs a “feel good” touch.
  • Vertical site navigation with expansions or fixed header bars is now utilized for site-wide navigation purpose. These help in both brand building and multi-device support.
  • Infinite scrolling is now utilized by many social websites, shopping websites and corporate websites. These helps in saving time for navigations to different pages.
  • Large text headers, sub headers with distinguishable typography are also now very common. offers high-class web design service that suit custom requirement

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