Keyword Research: Be Smart Enough to Use It Right

When in Doubt, Ask Google! This is my go-to line every time a trivial debate arises. In a day and age when the Internet is always at our fingertips, the Web becomes our compass and search engines our guide map. When searching for information it helps to understand how these keyword searches operate. It helps to understand what targeted audiences are looking for; how they search for information and how frequently they do so.

For instance, if you were to write a blog titles “10 Funny Images of Babies” and then changed it to “10 Funny Pictures of Babies.” From your perspective, they may seem similar but when thinking about what a reader is more likely to search, the title “funny pictures” is almost 40 times more likely to be searched than “funny images.”

The next question that arises is, how can we be sure of this? That is where keyword research comes into the picture. There are a number of paid tools available online, but the best and most reliable one is a free one provided by Google, and one that we recommend to all our clients, called Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You can get it too:

Using Google Adwords, you can enter in a keyword and the tool tells

you how many people search

for that keyword every month. It also provides info on the level of advertising competition for that keyword, etc. Common error among marketers is to pick keywords that get thousands of searches every month. This is not the best approach, since you are not just competing for keywords but you are also competing against other webmasters for the keyword.

If you focus only on the keywords, you’re likely to have a tough time getting some traffic; neither will you rank well with these keywords. On the other hand, picking a keyword with lower traffic and competition will not

bring you loads of traffic but you can still be sure to get some traffic on your site.

In the instance your site is stong enough to rank for higher on a popular keyword then by all means, get it. But if you’re on the fence, it’d be wiser to just go with the less popular and gradually make your way up to the more competitive ones.

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