Happy Birthday Internet!

The Internet turned 30 years old as of January 1st. It’s interesting to think what the course of our lives would have been if we did not come across this discovery and every other invention on the way.

Today the Internet is the common’s man’s basis of survival. Not only are we dependent on it to work and gather information, but also for every piece of information we use in our daily living; be it flight information, world news, a chance to speak to your best friend who now lives in the next continent or even tips on removing stains off your favourite shirt. What’s more is that it is the most reliable and convenient source for information, which is the reason it has been promoted from the worktable to the bedroom and now into our pockets.

The network officially began the technology revolution when the US Department of Defense completely the switch from its Arpanet network to the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) communication system on 1 January 1983.

The first operational Internet system was a result of the transition from Network Control Protocol (NCP) to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/IP). This is now the international standard on which the Internet was developed and which paved the way for the World Wide Web.

As we toast to the New Year let’s give thought to the Internet, which, in its 30 years of existence has transformed our lives and will forever play a role in shaping the future of our world.