Google to Launch TV with Apps

Google has just announced its plan to launch its Goggle TV service, which will run on its apps. At the moment, Google TV says it has thousand of apps for the service. This would include everything in Google Play that doesn’t require touch screens, location, or other mobile-related features – but terms of apps will be optimized for Google TV.

Currently the Google TV is aimed at people living in the U.S. who are missing content from their homes. So the content will include a mix of entertainment and news services including Al

Jazeera, the Chinese-language PPTV, the IslamBox collection of channels, Yupp TVs collection of Indian content andJapan’s Crunchyroll.

Google claims to go international with the TV but are yet to release definite dates or where they plan to release first, internationally. A Google spokesperson was quoted saying “We’re looking to roll out internationally through the course of 2012. But no specific timings beyond that, or the specific reasons for why is has not done so yet. “We don’t break out the reasons why, but we do want to make sure that users everywhere get the full experience, so we want to make sure we work towards that.”

There could be a number of reasons for the delay, from supplies to getting international rights sorted out for the video and other content. That has been one of the key issues with the international expansion of other IP video services.






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