Development of ecommerce Website

If you plan to sell anything online, one of your first ‘to-do’ items is to make a list of possible website names or URLs.

What makes a good E commerce website?

Design: site design comes next. Whether you’re using an outside designer or doing it yourself, concentrate on simplicity, readability and consistency.
Structure: Decide how many pages to have and how they’ll be linked to each other. Choose graphics and icons that enhance the content.
Content: The key to a successful site is content. Give site visitors lots of interesting information, incentives to visit and buy.
Credibility: Your site should reach out to every visitor, telling that person why should buy your product
Navigation: Make it easy and enjoyable for visitors to browse the site.


One of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful ecommerce entrepreneurs make is forcing or rushing the launch of a website. You only get one shot at launching your website and you can’t mess this up. While it’s okay to purchase your domain name and throw up some sort of “Coming Soon” page, you should avoid the big reveal until you’ve laid some substantial ground work (SEO, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, etc.).

If you aren’t building ecommerce businesses with mobile in mind, you may be irrelevant in three to five years.
It’s no secret that the biggest shortcoming of ecommerce businesses is the inability to let their customers touch, feel, smell, and see (firsthand) products before making a decision.

Any ecommerce entrepreneur that tells you he outsources social media . Social media is the heartbeat of your business

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