Battle of the giants

The iPhone 5 is a hit with users even before it hits the stores. iPad mini is not the talk of the town but it’s managed to gather a decent following. Windows 8 launched with a lot of approving heads,

but without much of a ripple in the market. Amazon is preparing to unveil the Kindle Fire 2 in time for the holidays. Blackberry is floating around looking for room within a saturated market. And Samsung is busy counting its losses after its controversial lawsuit with Apple which saw Samsung guilty of IP infringement.

Backseat competitors to Apple and Samsung breathed a sigh of relief when the news of the

IP infringement case took centre stage. The temptation to avoid imitation had paid off and market shares even escalated a wee bit as consumers began looking at RIM, HP and other small scale brands that were more pocket-friendly.

The resulting effect is the loss to the Samsung brand within the US. However, their market share in the rest of the world is neck-in-neck if not more than Apple’s. Along with consumers, Google will also suffer losses as Apple takes a strict legal track with its adversaries. Having shunned Flash and now Google apps, Apple seems well on its way to pull down anything that stands in its way. Whether more drastic consequences are to follow and for how long is yet to be seen.