B2B Commerce Is Getting Better
June 21 2021 0 Comment

A recent announcement by DP World may forever change the landscape of B2B Commerce. The launch of Dubuy.com is the harbinger of a new world order powered by digital technologies. DUBUY is an integrated e-commerce platform that brings wholesale buyers and sellers together for transactions, payments, and delivery through a single window. A USD 75 Billion marketing comprising 50 nations and 1.3 billion people is now open for trade.

So how is it different and why will it change the landscape of B2B E-Commerce?

While Amazon is the undisputed leader of B2C e-commerce the space for B2B commerce is wide open even though we have the likes of Alibaba.com. The sheer dynamic nature of B2B prices, the gestation of the sales cycle, the intricacies of global payment networks and the vagary of logistics makes it indeed a formidable challenge. With DP World, a leader in global logistics with over 127 business spread across 51 countries, pioneering the dubuy.com initiative, this challenge is soon going to have many solution providers.

The B2B E-commerce portal idea is to provide an e-commerce tool for any trader to open shop, build a catalogue and transact safely using secured payment gateways and ensuring delivery from a local warehouse. DP World plans to leverage its global presence to provide the local storage and delivery of traded goods. It hopes to work as an import and export portal for the origin and destination countries represented by the traders. Their first port of call is the African continent.

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Dubuy.com hopes to open the African continent to traders from around the world starting with UAE. It has rightly identified Rwanda as their first port of call and its success will open doors to other major and minor countries in Africa. DP World Kigali Logistics Centre in Rwanda is strategically located at Africa’s heart and forms its network of ports, inland container terminals and economic zones in 11 African countries.

The portal will work not only for exports to Rwanda but also for importing local produce such as coffee, tea and horticulture tools. Traders and online distribution companies can build their online catalogue on the site and then use the logistic services of DP World’s to transport, store and deliver to their clients. The portal can facilitate online payment and would have options to support other payment methods.

With DUBUY it has become possible to trade beyond borders and grow one’s clientele in an easy and safe way.

They key highlights of the Dubuy trade model are:

  • Dubai will get the first-mover advantage for digitally enabled trade
  • It will widen access to global markets for African companies who can leverage DP World’s ports and logistics global network to trade globally.
  • Global companies can now easily locate new and trustworthy trading partners in Africa.
  • Facilitate trade through a secured site supported by secured payment portals.
  • Reduce cost of transport, warehousing and last-mile delivery
  • Free registration will traders to jump aboard and test the waters.
There is much more to B2B E-commerce and this move by DP World will see the mushrooming many similar portals.