Decision Support Systems (MIS)

Decisions cannot always be intuitive and less so in businesses that are large and spread across geographies. Decisions have to be backed by accurate data and astute analysis. We build Management Information Systems that help organizations take proactive decisions. We are experts in transforming an ‘Excel-Worksheet’ based system to a sophisticated yet easy to use automated solution.

Maintenance & Facility Management

The Middle East is the hub of innovation and the grandeur of its buildings and monuments is hard to rival. The region’s climate, its multi-national population and emerging aspirations put a great demand on companies offering maintenance and facility management services. emQube empowers these companies with a suite of software solutions that help them to offer service excellence at competitive prices. The software enables service providers to attain higher level of customer satisfaction and meet service level goals.


UAE is an emerging retail destination with the largest retail space in the Middle East and is competing with global cities for retail supremacy. Retail technology helps companies increase footfall and keep the cash registers ringing. emQube develops solutions that help retail shops attract more customers and reward them for their loyalty. Using interactive display technology and wireless solutions we enable retail shops to learn more about their customers and tailor offers suited to different customer profiles.


The global trend for online-commerce is catching up in the region as witnessed by the increasing numbers of customers willing to buy online or conduct online business transactions. emQube offers solutions built on proven open source platforms like Magento and Open Cart. We can web-enable a host of popular segments such as tourism, flowers, entertainment, apparels, cosmetics and electronics. We can also develop bespoke solutions for online payment and financial transactions.

Salesmen Performance

Salespersons are regarded as the breadwinners of any organization whether it sells a service or a product. The marketing efforts have to culminate into sales and organization try various methods and tools to boost sales performance. Traditional Lead Generation, Sales Tracking and CRM systems are either too complicated or deliver very little effective results. emQube develops simple and effective solutions that expect very little input but provide deep insights into salesmen performance that help organizations to gain maximum sales.

Food & Beverages (Restaurants)

Our partnership with Titbit Inc, enables us to offer solutions for restaurants, clubs, stadiums, self-serve chains. The digital menu solution integrated with the Kitchen Order Systems (KOT), and POS adds a new dimension to technology assisted customer experiences in the F&B industry.